About Director Lucia Martinez:

Lucia studied design and started her career as an Art Director, working with beauty and fashion houses such as Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, Estée Lauder, YSL, Sephora and Ralph Lauren Perfumes, as well as leading advertising agencies such as Laird + Partners, Spring Studios, BETC Luxe and Chandelier Creative. With aspirations to become a fashion and beauty director, she started in NYC doing films for Harper’s Bazaar España.

The core of her work is to explore how women are portrayed in certain situations or contexts – sometimes in a bolder way, sometimes in a funnier way, all while playing with humor and rhythm. Her work is fresh and very carefully crafted, with a special attention to artistic direction, light, beauty and aesthetics.

In her first editorial film for W Magazine, she wanted to take pole dance out of the context of a men’s club and portray the beauty and strength of it… showing it in a different light. To elevate a discipline where women’s body can be vulnerable and empower these women to feel proud about what they do.

About model Calu Rivero:

Calu Rivero is an Argentina actress and influencer based in New York.

As a vegan, ecologist and fashion influencer, she is very involved with sustainable fashion – which has helped her gain enormous visibility and notoriety in addition to her acting career.

She has recently worked with Elizabeth Arden, Paco Rabanne, Chanel among others.

Lucia was particularly interested in her personality and natural beauty as they conveyed a sense of femininity and sensuality in an easy and playful way to the character.

“In Ladyfingers, Lucia alludes to a side of a woman’s mind in a scenario where sexual pleasure meets aesthetic pleasure; where light, sounds, colors, textures, breath, sweat and skin are all part of the same visual orchestra.

Featuring Argentinian actress and influencer Calu Rivero, the film aims to portray the duality of a woman who has a fetish for an object, showing how a sexual fixation for an inert item can stimulate the human imagination to create fantasies.”

Director: Lucia Martinez
Director of Photography: Ryan Marie Helfant
Producer: Camila Méndez
Line producer: Michael Quinn
Steadicam: Brenton Ayers
1st AC: Rob Agulo
2nd AC: Emmett Kaake
Gaffer: Garland Berenzy
Key Grip: Dan Fethke
Set Designer: Lula Galeano
Set Designer: Assistant Sarah Urban
TALENT: Calu Rivero
Make Up Artist: Anne Kohlhagen
Stylist: Sandy Armeni
Stylist assistant: Emily Desisto
Hair Stylist: Tetsuya Yamakata
Art Direction Assistant: Tiana Attride & Alexandra Hehlen
Studio Groomer: Rebecca Alexander
Editors: Jean-Philippe Mure & Margarida Lucas
Colorist: Sylvain Canaux
Original music: Jonathan Leurquin & Thomas Rossi
SHOT IN: Silver Sands Motel & Springs Studios
Written by: Lucia Martínez & Félix Carrizo