Indie-pop music artist, Storm Calysta is scheduled to release her debut single “Mushroom Cloud” and music video, on July 13th.

The chimerical and entrancing singer/songwriter, Storm Calysta creates far-out, melodic and guitar-driven pop music of the future that is dripping in elements of nostalgia. Storm’s music “evokes visions of disco, galaxy cowgirls and solar system roller rinks”.

Her debut single “Mushroom Cloud” was written by Storm Calysta and Chris Greatti (of Blame Candy). Greatti produced and mixed this track, as well. Together they gave life to “Mushroom Cloud”, an earworm that “represents the perspective of an innocent child living in an age brimming with negativity and hate but discovers the inspiration to transcend beyond it all”.

Prior to releasing whimsical indie-pop music, Storm is known for her electrifying fashion style and creative direction portrayed through visual art – which has captured the attention of publications such as; Vogue, Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia, Nylon, W Magazine and several more. Copious amounts of the visual art stories she has created were photographed by Ashley Callaghan on 35mm film. Callaghan filmed and co-directed the otherworldly “Mushroom Cloud” music video, alongside Storm Calysta (who co-directed and styled the music video), making it their most optimum composition thus far.


Filmed by: Ashley Callaghan

Directed by: Storm Calysta & Ashley Callaghan

Styled by: Storm Calysta

Starring: Storm Calysta & Chris Greatti

Shooting location: El Cosmico – Marfa, TX

Music written by: Storm Calysta & Chris Greatti

Produced & mixed by: Chris Greatti

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