Photos by Jenna Putnam

Slip is the musical project conceived by Taylor Brown, who has been rocking the LA scene for almost a decade. Although most of his ventures included collaborations with bands and other musicians, Slip is the inevitable result of the quiet experimental journey of his accumulated alone time throughout those years. What we have now is the beginning of a project that sounds both dangerous and hopeful — dusty, ominous trip-hop animated by pulsing psychedelia; basslines that stick to deep grooves like peanut butter; all buoyed by a constantly on-the-brink narrative.

Taylor has finished his debut album titled ‘the cost,’ co-produced and mixed by Jules de Gasperis and mastered by Howie Weinberg. Yet most recently he released a track named ‘the patient’ which sounds mischievous and grungy, everything we expect from an LA rock veteran.

“the patient” was the first song I wrote when I decided that I was going to make my own album no matter what.
At the time, I was living out of a suitcase, hopping around friends’ places in echo park, temporarily unwilling to bite the bullet on subjecting myself to having a landlord again.
It was the summer of 2016 — but just months earlier, the year started off with my landlords kicking my dog out of the house. So, we both left. I also happened to get laid off from my job at the same time. I had nowhere to live and nowhere to go, which was actually a necessary thing for me.
At the time, I was playing in a band with my friends in The Dead Ships — the shows were really fun, and it basically kick-started me to plunge into doing my own thing.
So after a decade of being a guy in a band — all the while quietly writing songs on my own that no one was hearing — I decided to write an album. After finishing a series of shows with the Dead Ships that culminated with Coachella, I moved into my friend Nora’s guest room for a month. I went into the garage, set up shop, wrote and finished recording a demo of “the patient” in two days.” He mentioned to nakid.

For this journey, Taylor also paired up with amazing conceptual photographer Jenna Putnam for a portrait series which really capture the contrast of his rockstar essence on his new found identity.

“The photo series with Jenna reflects that time in my life where absolutely nothing was certain, and I loved every second of that uncertainty. I was living out of my bags with a bunch of shit packed into my Honda with even more shit left behind in the garage of my old house, but it was necessary and I think it put me on a more realized path. Sometimes it’s good to get pushed around a little bit. ”
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