I wish we coulda traveled around and built forts out of blankee’s and couch cushions and turned the radio onto rain, while we swung on a front porch swing talking shit into some kinda beautiful abyss

But I’m tired of chasing storms that end in wreckage so I’m packing my bags shaking the stardust off and I’m out for my next adventure in the sky.

I’m not an astronomer i don’t even feel human. I don’t know what happens when a star can hold more than one wish, but I know at one point there were more wishes in me for u than there were in all the stars in all the galaxies. Even in your darkness I thought the little things I did would help light u, but everything went unnoticed. I coulda blind folded the moon and let it go down on u, and u would prolly dropped it in a Hollywood curb puddle and just stepped over it.

Thanks for the life lessons, and the stories to follow.

Im sure everything was good for u while I was dying inside every day, that should tell u everything u should need to know.

Just promise me to stick with the guy who knows when to make u laugh so hard it hurts enough for u to forget u were ever sad.

I’m sorry things got fucked up between us it was only because I loved u, I think u are incredible, unique and I appreciate u, thanks for brightening up my life. I wish u only the best on your next journey where ever it is u go and end up.

Model- @bexbubbles
Photographer- @nordicjones