This editorial is part of Diederik Comte on-going Room 202 project, all shot in his apartment (202) in Echo Park.

“Room 202 is ruled by spirits and demons by different names inspired lore from around the world. They are devious yet altruistic, affecting those who enter Room 202 and manifesting the subconscious desires of their victims fears, and madness in physical form. When an unsuspecting Anya walks in, she immediately begins to hallucinate and succumb to her own personal madness, she encounters Henri the cat to guide her along her journey and transformation. In the end Anya has become Queen Veritas, Matron “Saint” of Room 202.”

Photographer/art direction/setdesign: Diederik Comte 
Model: Anya Litvinova 
HMU: @pinkslutskill @itsteacake @vanguardevils
Styling: Devi




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