As I walked down the street, I could not help but hear a hypnotizing sound coming from afar; A contagious beat that turned my walk into a rhythmic prancing. As I looked to my side I see another young man having the same reaction. He looked at me and asked in confusion “What is this?”, as I responded, “Nobody knows but its provocative, it gets the people going”. A mysterious funky and instrumental beat takes over bodies and we could not stop dancing on the DT street.
Well, none of that happened IRL, but as I listen to Tommy & Linda‘s debut single ‘Beach Bums’ I can assure you that in my head it all felt so real.
Their sound is infectious, to say the least, and their look quite mysterious. Like two time-traveling metahuman from a synth-heavy, shoulder pad-wearing 80’s movement. Don’t believe me? Just read their SC bio:

“Tommy and Linda grew up in the frigid town of Juno, Vermont. While other children were being serenaded by lullabies and playing house, the soundtracks in Tommy and Linda’s nurseries were the likes of Brian Eno and Kraftwerk. Linda was presented with an analog synthesizer for her 4th birthday whilst Tommy was combing through his parents’ record collection for anything with that familiar, rhythmic beat. Cue the 1988 Juno Middle School Spring Talent Show. Amidst the auditorium chaos, the curtains drew back to illuminate a stealthy Linda perusing the keys of her trusty synth. As the oscillating sounds made their way to Tommy, he undoubtedly knew this was the same song he was planning to cover just moments later. Most people in this situation would find themselves in disarray, but Tommy found his musical mate.”

These two promised to release more music in the near future so make sure to keep up with them via Instagram and Soundcloud.