For an artist of such a young age, Ryan Beatty has experienced a great deal of the music industry. Becoming a Youtube sensation earlier in his career, copping international attention, commercial success and being called the next Justin Bieber, his path was pretty much set. Yet, he felt like his story was not being written by him, but by others.

Fast forward to 2017, we see him pop around with the BROCKHAMTON gang. Showcasing a new attitude, new hairstyle and becoming an Instagram addiction to many teens looking for some rebel energy. Today we get to hear his official debut album “Boys in Jeans”, is out today. Featuring previously released tracks “Camo” and “Bruise,” an experimental project with saturated tones of teenage love affairs, and the coming of age in times where nothing really makes sense anymore.

Beatty says of making the album: “Some of the best ideas come when it’s least convenient. I wrote these songs usually in my car or on my parents’ couch. I’d drive to Calvin’s and when I’d walk in he would be playing a vinyl of some artist that I’d never heard of. I remember there being a lot of D’Angelo too. Thank you to my parents for the gas money. Thank God for last summer.”
Recorded over the space of two months in North Hollywood with only producer Calvin Valentine, Beatty counts influences as disparate as Solange, Frank Ocean, Björk, ELO, Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder among those who inspired Boy in Jeans.

You can watch the ‘Camo’ music video below and check out the full album HERE.