Meet Orange County ambient pop/indie rock band, The Shakes, who just released their debut EP “With Every Moment” (self released) on 23rd July.
Sean Perry from The Shakes said the single came about after a near death experience…
“A little over a year ago, coming home from a friends house at 1 in the morning, a driver cut me off going through a yellow light. I immediately slammed on my breaks and I watched the car sail through the yellow light.. In the middle of the intersection, another car came and t-boned him, causing the car to flip over multiple times…. It was one of the loudest sounds I have ever heard… Police cars, fire trucks, ambulance… filled the intersection minutes later. I was in shock, my hands couldn’t let go of the steering wheel, slowly opening the door, I made my way out to the middle of the intersection. Staring into the chaos of what had just happened. The police asked me questions about the crash, I told them everything I could… then got back in my car and drove home…”
The other key track is the previously released single, track 1 Scrumptious – which has already racked up over 250,000 plays online.

Check out more from The Shakes here:  FACEBOOK / SOUNDCLOUD

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