Innanet James, the Silver Spring, Maryland rapper is setting the tone for his upcoming album with the visual for “Bag.” In the vibrant video, directed by Riley Robbins, you’ll find Innanet indulging in the chase for money and portraying some of the circumstances society falls to in pursuit of success and fame.
‘Bag’ comes through as an immediate vindication for the 22 year-old. Undisputedly one of the game’s breakout stars of the past few years that’s seen him emphatically reviewed everywhere from Pitchfork to XXL to Pigeons & Planes, ‘Bag’ comes with a light, bossa-nova-influenced beat that drops into a smoky, woody piano instrumental. His snappy, focused punctuation and bubbling flow impresses as much as his references to 80s champion athlete Flo Jo; this is a rapper reaching his prime.

‘Bag’ excites so much because it also shows such a clear development and innovation from his already impressive debut EP. Fittingly featured on the new NFL MADDEN ’19 game, this is a laid-back, explosive gem waiting to be unleashed. Make sure to keep up with Innanet via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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