Director Richard Braham and music artist Rebecca Philips team up to bring us her newest single’s visual release, ‘Burnt Peach’, with Director of Photography Jacob Sacks-Jones. ‘Burnt Peach’ articulates the golden spot between desire and temptation in intimate encounters; it toys with the potentiality of intimate relationships and ask listeners to think about why we crave what could be dangerous to us.

“In the video the Peach becomes a voodoo peach – a motif for a twisted and unhealthy desire. I wanted to use arresting images and textures to explore this disfunctionality.”


The videos’ visual story is stunning and deep, creating a focus on the connection between Philips and her inanimate object that’s intriguing and thought provoking, the peach in this instance, but representative of something larger. A song perfectly fit into its visual presentation, enigmatic but focused on the true feelings that our connections to dangerous things we’re drawn to are not always what is best for us. Philips points to one of the longest inner devils we as humans can relate to, why we want bad things and what compels us to what is bad; not only because we’re told they’re bad, but also to the curiosity of what if.

“Rebecca has a mad vision and she knows what she wants. It’s been a thrill to work with her ideas and get them on video. This feels like the beginning of something and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.”


Since the release of the original single + remixes (Royce Wood Junior + Object Blue) – we have received the support of CLASHBBC 1Xtra’s Jamz SupernovaResident Advisor & HYPEBEAST to name a few.
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Director/Editor: Richard Braham

DOP: Jacob Sacks-Jones

1st Assistant Camera: Rob Stanton

2nd Assistant Camera: Joshua Bister

Gaffer: Rose Hockaday

Assistant Director: Lizzy Mansfield

Floor Runner: Amber Evans

Make-Up / Special Effects: Alice Rudwick

Hair: Rohmarra Kerr

Colour Grade: James Harding

Additional Stills Photography: Rebecca Mercer