Following the release of her recent EP ‘ChromatIYVES has returned with a powerful and sincere new track “Prove It”. Featuring music created and produced by Jackson Foote of Loote, the track is a genre-bending bop, weaving IYVES brooding R&B vocals with her sparkling glitter-pop sensibilities.

“I wanted to write a lighthearted song about actions are more powerful than words. I think people get caught up on how to ‘say or prove’ something when really the follow through is the most important part and really speaks the loudest,” IYVES said of the new cut. “I worked alongside Jackson Foote who helped me to explore the pop side of my music. I also found herself inspired by Solange’s melodic vocal, which I incorporated into my new sound.” she mentioned to Nakid.

That sound is built with immense and soulful vocals that shape the imagery and soundscape of her music. “Prove It” adds to IYVES already unique catalog Previously, Hilly Dilly called “Not Afraid To Fall,”Chromatic’s first single, “a bold reintroduction to IYVES sound.” The debut track possesses her signature electric hooks, brooding vocals and empowering and unwavering strength, highlighting where she is headed while reminding us where she’s been. Make sure you follow up with IYVES via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

BAD CLVB - May 2021 - ATV Records, Miami