It was a couple years ago when two beautiful ladies with a very distinctive vocal style and an audacious attitude, duo SAY LOU LOU, introduced an imaginative cover of the disco classic ‘Stayin Alive’. The world was immediately hooked.
Having taken some time away following the success of their debut, the twins returned earlier this year with new material in the form of ‘ANA’, today we get the lead single from their upcoming album ‘Immortelle’. ‘Golden Child’ similarly serves as a stunning reminder of the girl’s musical prowess, showcasing a refreshing new sound that references the old Hollywood golden era and 70’s West Coast with its prevalent guitar licks and crisp drum fills. Written and recorded in an isolated recording studio in Beachwood Canyon in late 2017, ‘Golden Child’ is the result of an intimate creative process between the twin sisters and producers Trent Mazur and Dash Le Francis. Exploring the themes behind the track, the girls explain their thinking behind the process;

“Golden Child was created as an ode to our younger sisters – and to our younger selves in a way – explaining how tricky and confusing cultural/patriarchal structures can be in your self-discovery – so contradictory and hard to navigate. Imploring them to free themselves from the invisible shackles of expected ideas of young womanhood and see the world and life that lie ahead of them ‘on the other side’ – kind of like an empowering lullaby.”

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