Collage artist, Jandro Bienal de Venecia submitted to us, his latest collages, he has been working on.

“In recent months, I have focused on the inner self, as reflective thought of Basquiat, in the expression of freedom, in which we find different facets that we did not know.

We have several personalities in which they all come together and make a person.

We believe that we know everything about us, but what we do know is that we know ourselves better than anyone else, no matter how long we are with another person, we will always create insecurities, doubts and and we will hide our alter ego.

When you go to class we behave like coherent kids, disciplined, educated and polite, in which we have a spiritual person, our teacher, where it is put in view of our eyes and terms to our ears. We find concepts in which we will adopt everything we are interested in doing the theory, but at the bell when we take off our tie we are not the same class guy, we are the boy who has chosen several things and he has saved them and begins to practice in your inner being.

In most of my works comes out some repetitive element causing the alter ego.

This thought I have called “After School”

We will never be alone, we will always have alter ego, that other me that is very different from the original, we blame each other, we see ourselves in the same situation, but with different behaviors from there to our inner conflict.”

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