Australian musical artist/singer JEFFE is out with a new single, ‘Undecided’ and we’ve go the low down! Prior to the release, her most recent track ‘Whoever You Love, I’m Cool’ also picked up hype on US Spotify playlist Fresh Finds and has now picked up almost half a million streams.
She’s now gearing up to release her next single ‘Undecided’ – its flickering, moody and emotional track, caught between spilling onto the dance floor and shutting away in a bedroom 

Following on from her breakthrough debut ‘Whoever You Love, I’m Cool’ earlier this year which landed her organic support from US Spotify playlist Fresh Finds along with hype- machine listed tastemaker HIGH CLOUDS, emerging Australian artist JEFFE unveils her second release ‘Undecided’.

Where her dreamy debut ascended gently from the depths, ‘Undecided’ is its flickering, moody sister, emotionally caught between spilling onto the dance floor and shutting away in a bedroom. It’s the immediate innovation in the instrumental that impresses first, however it’s balanced by JEFFE’s frank, vulnerable confessions that generates the intrigue here.

‘Undecided’ announces JEFFE (pronounced “Jeff”) as a curious new talent. Having grown up playing piano, sax and guitar as well as singing, JEFFE’s first two releases have seen the young artist position herself as innovative new prospect.

It wasn’t until a chance meeting with writer/producers Dave Hammer in 2016 that the pair unlocked the organic electronic direction she was craving and therefore co-produced this new belter of a track. With only a handful of tracks in the public domain, JEFFE’s continuing to intrigue and convince. A spare cover of French artist Petit Biscuit’s ‘Problems’ led to the internationally celebrated young producer including it on a remix package released on his French label Believe.

With performances at Secret Garden Festival and Groovin The Moo (playing alongside Portugal The Man, Duke Dumont and Royal Blood) under her belt, JEFFE already seems like something special.


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