Last Friday He Arrived By Helicopter (the latest project from C. Gibbs) released the first album under that new name called The Shiny Hostel, and we’d love if you’d consider reviewing it. The album is available on green vinyl via Eastern Spurs, and cassette via Very Special Recordings.

He Arrived By Helicopter was started by songwriter Christian Gibbs (aka, C. Gibbs, Lucinda Black Bear) following life changes that led to a move out of NYC in 2016. The objective was to release and perform a new body of work, primarily instrumental based compositions, in their embryonic form, shortening the length of time from conception to release. A major component of this process is Gibbs’ recording and mixing most of the record himself, which afforded him the unique ability to side-step the usual channels of record making.

As the record progressed some songs called for lyrics and so there are a few that exist throughout the album. Even though it began as a side project, Gibbs found himself working with old band members Matt Brandau, Tim Kuhl (Sean Lennon, Margaret Glaspy), Philip Sterk (Black Lillies) on the 7.5 minute epic title track “He Arrived By Helicopter.“ The name came about during a recent not so glamorous tour date when one of the more successful sidemen of the group, Tim Kuhl, who had just come off a festival circuit with Sean Lennon’s The Goastt (Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger), remarked “You know Gibbs, I usually arrive by Helicopter to these things nowadays.” Hence, He Arrived By Helicopter was born.

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