‘Honey’ by Swish

Today we have something fucking magical, the new debut single and music video for Honey by SWISH! Those of you who don’t know SWISH are in for a treat, this recording artist who set out to revolutionize the pop world, is doing just that in ways never thought of. Coming from the streets of St. Louis and Atlanta, SWISH isn’t your average pop artist. Standing tall at 6’2, with shoulder-length dreads, this 23-year-old is not what you would expect when you first hear his vibrational melodies and smooth lyrics, which makes him deadly with a mic and a force to be reckoned with musically.
Originally gaining his popularity under the persona of Tommy Swisher, SWISH takes a step forward in a new direction, with Honey being that next step. Referenced as a song that is for everyone, as soon as SWISH heard this beat, he felt a connection and jumped straight into the booth to create what is Honey. Accompanying the single will be the official music video – a sticky visual that was inspired by the 2015 Blake Little “preservation” exhibit.  The honey covered expo really resonated with SWISH, helping him push his own boundaries and do something that wasn’t your average urban music video.

Check out more from Swish here:  iTUNES / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / SOUNDCLOUD

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