Photographer/artist Eva hails from St. Petersburg, Russia and two years ago her and her husband went to Buenos Aires just to have fun on vacation – there they took in the sights, had fun with new friends and let romance take them away, so far in fact that they conceived their first baby while on the trip. This was their first time in South America, and their first baby, and as she puts it:

“It was quite a crazy experience.”

Gracia and Raquel lived next door to where they were staying. They came to Buenos Aires from Ecuador to study at the university. They spent most of the time together while there and Eva felt they learned a lot from each other despite the language barrier. Being in a common but still very different situation they helped each other understand the city from an immigrants’ point of view. Their breezy spirit could not but affect her self-awareness. It was a great and very inspiring to meet for them and she shared her moments and visual diary of the time their with us today on NAKID!