Grab your panties and hold tight cause we are jumping on a time machine and heading straight to 1999. The good ol’ days when the cool weren’t afraid of rocking bright neon colors and clothes made of plastic, jammed out to techno and looked cool flipping a plastic antenna from their phones. You know, the simpler times.

Fresh after releasing her newest single ‘1999’ with Troye Sivan, Charli XCX stopped by the ‘Femmebot Fantasy’ party in Dallas, Tx to perform the single for the very first time. The party is a series of afterparties Charli co-hosts with gender-mindfuck pop star and bonified badass Dorian Electra which highlights local queer talent all around the country as well as other touring queer performers. For the Dallas rendition, Dorian recruited a solid line up of Texas badasses like BelladonnaLady Boi, Mulan, LagniappeRuby DiamondY2Kp1nkstarOpal PG FuryBoy Sim and Kilo Kikii as well as touring artist FEE LIONMood KillerBanoffee, Ceci G, DJ VIP, and more.

It was a night of QUEER Celebration. A night of freedom, glitter and platform shoes and we felt right at home with all the excellence surrounding us. Check out our ‘NAKID OUTLOUD’ Instagram story on now to see all the madness that ensued.

Series Directed by Manuel Frayre





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