17-year-old Gunnar Gehl is a trove of vivid memories. He pays attention to the small moments within the ordinary then preserves the feelings they give him through writing and singing. His music aims to capture all of his thoughts that occupy the time and space in between hellos and goodbyes between two people.  A Southern California native, Gehl is still close to his roots both locally and musically. His biggest influence is John Mayer, who struck him for the way the singer-songwriter becomes crystalline through guitar. When Gehl himself picked up a guitar when he was 7, he found something that made everything feel possible. Now all of his songs begin with the instrument that helped him find his voice.

Ocean Blue” will be one of the first songs that many pop fans will hear from Gehl this fall. In support of his new music Gunnar is hitting the road as the opener for PRETTYMUCH on their US Tour, starting on October 18th. See all tour dates below.

Gunnar says,

” I chose this song as my first single because it’s a song my fans can sing along with me, and makes me ‘feel’ the best. I like to tell something that’s true to me so that when I sing it 100 times, it’s always real. I’ve always loved the ocean, and although some might think the song is about the ocean, it really is about the eyes of this girl I’ll probably never see again, Yeah I wished I would have said something to her, but hey it made for a dope song. I have really amazing fans and I can’t wait for them to sing along to this fun song.”

Gehl has plenty more to share with the world after “Ocean Blue.” Precious moments of exuberance are relatable and authentic to being a human being. If it’s something he’s experienced that everyone else ought to remember in their own lives, Gehl is working on putting it into his songs.

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