Up and coming artist Notelle dives deep into an often familiar emotion for those helpless romantics. Her debut single “POWER” reflects on the pain of an all-consuming relationship and what it feels like to give up total control to another, to surrender to them. The song feels almost like a therapeutic experience. The Nashville native was able to carefully blend her intricate vocals with co-producers Timothy Ryssemus’ structureless, low-end heavy production.

Finally ready for her own spotlight, Notelle sets forth exploring her solo artistry and developing her version of “heavy, messy pop”. Working day and night, Notelle finds her voice with the help of producer Timothy Ryssemus of Altru Creative. Appreciating the beauty of all things dark and painful, Notelle drives this feeling into her music, allowing her vocals and lyrics to cut deep, giving an unsettling but arousing reaction. Her debut single POWER gives the best glimpse of what her musical soul has to offer. Her debut single, POWER, is a hard-hitting and thought-provoking expose on what it feels like to “fall in love with fire”. From the start of the track, audiences connect to her haunting honesty about love, lust and control. Power will close out 2018 for Notelle, continuing her debut into the new year with the second single set to drop beginning of 2019.

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