Only a few dates into their anticipated North American headlining tour, we got to stop by the Years & Years show to see their newest album ‘Palo Santo’ come to life on a stage. Surrounded by a very vibrant and enthusiastic crowd, lead singer and a new-age hyper-sensual icon Olly gave his fan a spoon full of electric dance moves, sharp notes and lots of smiles to brighten up the room. He was even caught off guard when someone threw a jockstrap than a bra to him on stage. “That’s a first one” he said as he tried them on over his trousers on stage.

The release of ‘Palo Santo’ marked a huge moment for pop music. Praise from fans and critics was unanimous – Years & Years had delivered an era-defining second record, with a charge of open positivity and inclusiveness led by the extraordinarily treasured sweetheart Olly Alexander. The official music video for ‘All For You’– which is unveiled recently – is the 3rd part of the Palo Santo visual story.

On making the video for ‘All For You’, Olly says – “We have devils and angels inside of us – the person we present to the world and the one we keep to ourselves; performing has always been a way for me to explore that. In Palo Santo, all your dreams come true and sometimes those dreams are full of monsters. ‘All For You’ is about reflecting on a past relationship and wondering if things were ever really as you thought they were, it’s about how our identities change when we love somebody. I wanted the video to depict personal transformation, from a swan to a Witch to an Android and back again. The idea that there is a fixed “authentic” you is false to me, we constantly shift and get reshaped by the people who experience us, whether we like it or not. I hope you like the video, we tried to make something that felt like a true pop video by way of planet Palo Santo, and we wanted to show you how androids are born 🙂 Lots of love, Olly xx
Make sure to keep up with Years and Years on the road via Instagram or their Website.

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