The Japanese House has released is an emotional video, depicting the mental and emotional struggles of a sinking romance. In a very heartwarming storyline, the video exhibits a series of stunning imagery that takes us our mind straight into a compassionate and relatable state of mind of two broken hearts in the making. Starring Amber Bain (aka The Japanese House) and Marika Hackman, the expressive video to accompany dreamy new single “Lilo” out now via Dirty Hit/Interscope Records.

“Filming this video was painful, easy, real and surreal all at once. I asked Marika to be in the video because I couldn’t think who better to be in it than the person the song is about. I’m extremely grateful that she said yes; I’m very lucky that my ex-girlfriend is also my best friend. It was a slightly mad decision but ultimately I think we captured exactly what I wanted to, which was a true and genuine representation of the love and intimacy we share. When I watch this video myself my heart breaks, but in kind of a nice way.” – The Japanese House.

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Lead Image by Jim Mangan

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