At the ripe age of only 17 years old, Portland’s own Quiet Bison returns tattooing a 4-track EP called “Trials and Tribulations”, a project that is equal parts experimental, thunderous, and ethereal.

Defined by free-form bass cadences, and blissfully syncopated rhythms, Quiet Bison’s “Trials and Tribulations” shines at the apex of avant-garde dance music. This debut EP showcases his left-of-center creativity while remaining approachable and welcoming. Wise beyond his years, Quiet Bison’s “Trials and Tribulations” has already garnered early support from What So Not, and Noisia Radio. Despite being relatively new to the music scene, this youthful pioneer is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting act to watch.

“This project was a parallel process about persevering through a tough time in life and getting through the writer’s block that resulted from this struggle. There are times in life and during the creative processes when things are simply easier and ideas just flow, and other times when one feels stuck and without direction. Trials and Tribulations is about having the patience to prevail no matter how difficult your situation is. It is about trusting in the process and coming up with new ideas to reach creative goals.

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