Photographer, Sebastian Xavier Submitted to us this satirical series of photos aiming to commentate on our generation’s over reliance on social media for gratification and approval; despite the benefits social media brings to the world, it can cause severe harm to one’s mental health by inducing stress, envy, depression.

“I wanted to use overly saturated colors to create a false sense of joy and comfort, resembling that of an advertisement promoting the newest phone or app that would captivate the masses; and juxtapose the borderline macabre underbelly of the seemingly perfect images generated by social media.”

See more of Sebastian’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

 Team Credits:

MUA: Mona Sweet STYLING: Alice Riley MODELS: Millie Hannah, Blair Sinnott, Kyd Nereida, Shea Blake, Ariane Hughes, Pippa Melody