Swimming Tapes have released their nostalgic video for “Easy Strand”. The track, which has consistently been supported by Jason Kramer of KCRW, acts as a wistful nod to their younger selves, “Moments you thought were trivial and pointless actually remain embedded in your memory as beautiful, worthwhile and meaningful times.”
Of the video, director Laurie Barraclough stated, “A song about nostalgia needed a video about nostalgia, so we rented a vintage car and shot the video like a home-movie. Long car journeys (in the rain) are a big part of growing up and we wanted a video that was exactly that – a car journey.” The band added, “The idea of forward momentum kept coming up, with “Easy Strand” being an upbeat song that doesn’t really pause for breath. That idea turned into one of a journey, and a continuous journey shot in one take. There are sections of the song shot in double time, so Robbie and Louis had to learn to sing at different speeds throughout the shot. We hired a vintage Renault 12 and did take after take on a very wet Saturday morning, with Paddy, Jason and Andrew getting soaked in the rain waiting for their cameo at the end.”
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