It is simply impossible to call Billie Eilish a pop star, I mean her tunes are sweet sounding, her voice is angelical but her vibe and lyrics are far from what the world is used to see in a ‘Pop Star’. It would be very unfair really to compare her with any genre or stereotype because her appeal and attitude cross the boundaries of social norms. She is who she is, and she is not here to prove anything. She is fierce yet fragile, she gives zero fucks about what you think of her, but gives all her fucks to what she does and does it well.
We got to catch her at her stop at the Granada Theater last month for her first solo tour, and it was quite an experience. The room was 80% teen hysteria, 10% cool moms sipping champagne in the back waiting for their kids to step out and then there were people my age in their mid 20’s.
Now thus far after running into Billie twice this year and seeing her interviews and random tv and youtube cameos. Her attitude is always borderline too chill and careless, she doesn’t seem to take too much serious. I was beginning to wonder if she was maybe too young to understand her power and reach amongst the nations youngins, in a matter of months they took her from a SoundCloud artist to a megastar.

As soon as she took the stage, I understood where her commitment was… on that stage. She delivered marvelous vocals, highlighting her lyrics with a grace and feeling, with a few positive and witty stories in between. We were hooked.
At this point, any attempts of me or any member of the press for that matter, of attempting to categorize or even try to analyze this artist is obsolete. She will be and she will do things her way, she is a rebel like the industry has never seen before. So let me pop the popcorn and sit back and press play, cause I’m buying tickets to this show.

Recently Billie Eilish released ‘come out and play,’ which debuted as a World Record on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music Beats 1 show where Billie Eilish filled in as host with her brother and collaborator Finneas.

The 16-year-old multi-platinum selling artist has now surpassed 3 billion combined global streams, while her current single ‘you should see me in a crown’ continues to climb at radio and ‘lovely’ (with Khalid) has now been certified RIAA PLATINUM. Tracks from her debut EP ‘don’t smile at me’ continue to their momentum with “ocean eyes” being certified RIAA PLATINUM while “bellyache,” and “idontwanttobeyouanymore” are now officially certified RIAA GOLD in North America.

Billie also launched ‘BILLIE’S CLOSET,’ a special initiative to help raise money and awareness for Marley’s Mutts and their Pawsitive Change program. As a longtime fan of fashion and thrifting, Billie Eilish’s closet is over flowing with unique and cherished items that Billie has collected and enjoyed over the years. By combining her passion for clothes and love for animals, every Wednesday at 12PM PT/3PM ET, Billie will be selling personal items of clothing via Billie’s Closet and all proceeds will go to Marley’s Mutts and their Pawsitive Change prison program.

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