The new EP ‘Life Goes On’ from Kaixen is out now with the first single ‘Out of Mind’ from the Miami based musical prodigy. Our readers are no newbies to the sounds of Kaixen, having been an artist we have been showcasing for years now as one of Miami’s underground influencers to watch; his new work though is showing how much he’s grown and the sound has matured, a smooth musical journey that has its own soul and story. 2019 is going to be the year his music hits more than Miami airwaves, but national ones as well with this new progression.

Touching on an electronic R&B sound, his music is ethereal and trance like, with hooks and melodies that catch your attention and keep it.


“Life Goes On is a 5 song project that is the follow up to my album Pecado. It’s kind of the purgatory of my music career right now. The waiting screen for my next move I guess.”

What’s different about this new work versus your last release?
This project is more experimental. I tried meshing a bunch of genres and styles together that I love.

Creatively where are you right now with influences and inspiration?
Im in a life experiencing transition right now. Taking a little bit less time in the studio and more time just going through life as a normal person. I feel like I was lacking human connection and needed to get that back. Influence wise, Im really inspired by Frank Ocean, the 1975 and The Midnight right now.

Will we see you out touring in 2019, when is the next fest/shows you have?
Nothing as of now, but who knows.

What’s on your horizon next for collabs and releases after this?
December 7th I have a project I produced for SdotBraddy called Wildphire coming out and several other projects in the works to end 2018. I wanna keep them surprises so you’ll just have to stay updated. Im also going to release the second part of this project in January and then maybe a full length again Winter 2019.

Reflecting back on 2018 what are you most looking forward to in 2019?
Honestly I don’t even know, im taking life day by day. But im always anxious and excited to release new art, you’ll be seeing a lot more in 2019.

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