Up and coming artist Jordan Tariff recently released the music video for his debut track “Warning Shot”. The track is off his debut LP to be released in 2019 and sonically illustrates that Jordan Tariff never stops fighting. That is most evident through his emotionally charged independent alternative pop as he openly shares the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a remarkable 22-year journey.

When talking to Steven Taylor (Director) about the direction of the video, we wanted the visual to represent me leaving my old self behind, even if everyone is looking or judging or doubting. We wanted it to look and feel isolating, the way a lot of us feel in tough times of our lives. But ultimately strong and ready to take on whatever lies ahead. – Jordan Tariff

Buoyed by lush piano and sparse production, the first single “Warning Shot” sees his voice reach staggering heights, stretching from icy high-register verses into an irresistible refrain. The track serves as both an introduction to Jordan and a clarion call “to face your fears and take responsibility for your own life, regardless of what the world throws at you.” Instead, he transmutes each moment into music that moves at a pace commensurate with his own rapid upward trajectory and ceaseless forward motion. Make sure to keep up with Jordan via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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