Pop duo Terror Jr have released “Pretty,” their latest single from upcoming album ‘Unfortunately’, out January 25th via Atlantic Records. Calling out society’s ugly obsession with youth, “Pretty” juxtaposes delicate melodies and glittering beats with gruesome reality, showing that beauty is only skin deep.

“It’s painful chasing something that inherently can’t last . . . But we all do it . . . And we shame ourselves for it . . . The never-ending cycle of vanity and fuckery . . . Rinse and repeat,” says the inscrutable band.

“Pretty” is one of 15 tracks listed on their full-length album Unfortunately, Terror Jr, which also includes “A-OK (Everything’s Perfect)” and the socio-political anthem “Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me.” These tracks shamelessly confront the themes of women’s reproductive rights, LGBT rights and substance abuse while highlighting what VICE described as Terror Jr’s ability to be “danceable and political all at once,” and whose “airy keys and romantic melodies will sweep you off your feet before you spend too long reflecting on the apocalypse.”

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Photo Credit – Neil Favila

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