Ringing in 2019 with a new light, Ark Patrol returns with a new infectious melodic self-titled 10­track project. Today we get to hear the lead single, “ Your Eyes (AndOther Safe Havens) ”, a stimulating instrumental piece with a unique structure to guide you through a mellisonant ride.
Drawing inspiration from the likes of XXYYXX, Gorillaz, and Machinedrum, Ark Patrol’s sound is familiar yet saturated with individuality. His
music is a tapestry of meticulous sound design and mellow cadences, breathing life into a new world of electronic music
production. But 2018 was a quiet year for the producer, as he was gravely diagnosed with cancer. The illness projected a dark
shadow over his creativity but guided him to reevaluate life’s truest gifts. A musician, intellectual, and new­found warrior, Ark Patrol embraced this shocking illness and overcame cancer. Harnessing the power of now, this project is a musical manifestation of both suffering and freedom. Thriving in the light of healing, this Ark Patrol original begins with his first single.

“The sounds from ‘Your Eyes’ originated as a bastion of peace amidst the heavier synth­distorted music I’d been writing during
2017. I like making songs that swim against the current and that was my intention with this song. It was originally supposed to
be a simple interlude but something within it stayed with me and over time resonated in such a way that I decided to develop it
further, morphing it into a guitar­driven track which seemed the logical conclusion coming from such a tranquil beginning.” — Ark Patrol

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