ToNe Wiley, born Antonio Wiley, is an up-and-coming hiphop artist from Philadelphia, PA. Raised in a household by a father, a former musician, ToNe was constantly exposed to various sounds and different genres of music everyday. However, at a very young agehiphop stood out in particular because it provided him an escape from his personal and home issues. He fell in love with music and immersed himself in the culture. ToNe found himself constantly analyzing it and learning as much about it as he could.

At age 14, he saved up to buy Notorious B.I.G’s debut album “Ready to Die”, a decision that would ultimately change his life. Biggie’s creativity and lyricism inspired ToNe. Hiphophad always been his escape but after listening to ‘Ready to Die” he began to see it as an outlet to express himself as well. That day ToNe decided to become than a listener and hasn’t looked back since.

This is his debut release on Rawlife Records, founded by The Roots member Dice Raw. The song is about putting an end to anyone and anything that seems to be toxic, or seem to be hindering one from progressing with negativity.

Check out more from Tone Wiley here:  INSTAGRAM / SOUNDCLOUD

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