This week, Between Friends, the DIY-based laptop dream pop project group released “affection” – is a self-directed, visual love-letter to the ambiance and atmosphere of Los Angeles. The visuals —much like the track — conveys an ambiguous vibe of two young lovers roaming around the dark night under the reflection of LA’s neon lights. It is personal but relatable, the perfect conjunction between naive adolescent curiosity and first love nostalgia.

This is the third release from their playlist series we just need some time together, which lyrically touches on the emotional wear and tear of a relationship – falling into a black hole of disappointment, but somehow finding satisfaction in it at the same time.

Comprised of Savannah and Brandon Hudson and drummer Brennan Benko, BETWEEN FRIENDS, has released a pair of singles, including “iloveyou,” which received support from Galore, Milk, Flaunt, Betches, and Billboard, and “better friends” which Earmilk called a “temporary love anthem for twenty-somethings looking to live a little.”

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Photo Credit: Isaac Sterling