Cairo Gold is off the heels of her debut self-titled EP, which clocked 400,000 streams. Gold co-wrote each song on the EP that saw two singles chart on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. Check out the official video for debut single “Torture,” which Baeble Music hailed as having, “all the sultry, sexy summer vibes you could want” and praised Gold’s “Amy Winehouse-cum-Kali Uchis vocals.”

“My new single ‘Lie’ and all the songs I’ve written for this last EP cycle are about the way we navigate through modern love, sex, dating and all the games that come with it. ‘Lie’ has no shame—it’s about being honest about what you want, letting go of expectations, and truly being in the moment. I wrote this song from a place of personal experience and I’ve learned that you can’t fully enjoy the moment you’re in if you’re already worried about the next one. The only moments we can ever truly own are the ones that we share together as they come.”

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1.  What does your music in general and then more specifically your new track ‘Lie’ mean to you and how did you get into music/singing?

What my music means to me is always evolving depending on what’s going in my life, my head and heart. Generally, my music is how I work through what I am feeling and going through.

While I was working on “Lie” and the other upcoming singles, I was feeling pretty affected by the way social media and technology has affected the way we meet, date, fuck, fall in love and everything in between. With “Lie” specifically, I wanted to write a song to encourage people who might be perpetually caught up over someone to let go and enjoy the ride. It’s kind of my version of a real love song. I really feel like connecting with someone on a physical and/or emotional level yet allowing them to be free and real with you is the highest form of love you can really give. Anyway…  I am still working on it myself!

2.  What inspires you to write and perform?

When I am truly affected by something in my life—positively or negatively—my first instinct is to write about it. I like to turn my pain, desires, and secrets into art because I find that to be the best use of my emotions. Honestly, I’m a pretty wild and intense person, so I find it beneficial for myself and the people around me to put my fire, passion, or desires into music first.

Performing feels like sex! I am more present when I am performing than in any other moment in my life and it brings me so much peace and fulfillment. When I am singing a song I wrote, I truly feel and believe that there is a room full of people who can relate with me. It’s just an unexplainable feeling of love and connectivity that is unlike anything else.

3.  What do you want to say with your music and what do you hope people take away from it?

What I want people to take away from my music and me as an artist will always be to be real about who you are and want you want in life—never settle for anything less. There will always be those in the world who will try to diminish your power and stop your dreams from becoming reality and it’s very important to completely block them the fuck out. That is my message always and forever.

4.  Explain to us the process you went through writing your new EP?

I had the pleasure of collaborating with some incredible writers and producers for this EP. At this stage in my career, I am very specific about the kind of energy I want in the room when I am creating. I don’t fuck with big egos or bad vibes so I keep my writing/producing/creating circle small. I like to develop ongoing relationships with people I work well with. To be honest, all the songs in this EP cycle came so easily, nothing felt forced and to me that’s authenticity at its finest.

5.  We read that you sold weed to fund your first release, tell us how that went down?

Let’s just say I knew some people who knew some people and we did some things together. 

6.  What do you think the hardest thing for an artist coming up now a days is and what advice do you have for others?

The hardest part about being an artist today is keeping up to speed with all the changes in the industry while not being negatively affected by them. It’s good to be conscious of what’s going on around you but even more so it’s important to never let the industry determine who you are as an artist. My advice is to observe what’s going on, stay inspired, and then tune everything out and come back to your true self. Find your strengths and make them stronger and stay willing to evolve into a better you… always.

7.  If you could work with one artists dead or alive who would it be and why?

Prince… do I really need to explain?

8.  What’s it like to be a brand ambassador for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty brand?

I absolutely love Rihanna and everything she and her brand stand for so being an Ambassador for her lingerie brand is an absolute honor!

9.  What’s next for you in 2019 and where can people see you perform next?

“Lie” is the first of 5 singles being released in 2019, I’ll be shooting some dope videos and visual art this month in hopes of connecting on a deeper level with my fans. There will be an upcoming showcase in L.A. and a tour is also in the works as well. I’ll post all upcoming events on my Instagram (@cairogoldofficial) and Twitter (@cairogold).  Follow me there if you want to keep updated on what I am up to!