Rising producer, composer and now turned vocalist, Big Wild (aka Jackson Stell) releases his highly anticipated debut album, Superdream.

Superdream finds Big Wild expanding his world of sound as he crafts hills and valleys of increasingly lush production, and for the first time in his career, he’s the voice guiding the listener on their musical journey. Stell finds himself at the forefront, leading with resplendent vocals for the majority of the album – which includes previously released singles “City of Sound,” “Maker,” and”Heaven”.

Comprised of 12 tracks, Superdream plays like a heavenly vision, with funk and disco undertones weaving their way through the greater sonic landscape-engulfing the listener instantaneously. Built for massive crowds and festival grounds, the tracks on the album are instantly addictive as wave after wave of indie-tinged electronica makes resisting the urge to dance even more futile. Superdream is an absolute triumph for Big Wild-as he continues to defy the expectations of electronic music by taking risks and creating unparalleled realms of emotionally rich sound.
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