LEX AUDREY is going to release the video to their single “Winter II” out of their upcoming album “No Intention of Changing the World”!
“‘Winter II’ is a shining example of the band’s danceable yet melancholic grandeur. With a driving rhythm at its heart and Pilcher’s infectious vocals taking centre stage”


With playful electronic rock on their EP “»GodGiven«“ LEX AUDREY already surfaced on Austrias music scene one and a half years ago. Now their first album “No Intention of Changing the World“ finally follows. It’s an album that sometimes stirs up its listeners thoughts, but then again leaves with a positive vibe.

Lukas Staudinger, Patrick Pillichshammer and Niklas Pichler present an album which is very rich in variety. Although the sounds range from funky bass-lines in “Lost to You“ over heaviness and pathos in “metaphor“ to complete silence in “From Beginning“, LEX AUDREY manage to create their very own sound after all and allow the listener to dive into their world.
On “No Intention of Changing the World“ Niklas Pichler, mastermind behind LEX AUDREY, writes about various situations in life, but one can recognize his involvement with negative aspects of the influence of digital technology on society as a common theme. As a result some songs end up having more than just one meaning. By saying “all she’s loving is a picture“ in the ballad “From Beginning“ on the one hand he describes not being able to let go of something, but on the other hand sings about the vanishing distinction between reality and staging. The intro track “Lost to You“ can also be interpreted as a love-song for a human or a machine at the same time.
“No One wants to be in charge“ – in the expressive title track of the album Pichler shows his anger about lethargy and hedonism. This attitude can also be seen in the extraordinary album cover. But the cover is not the only special thing about the design of the album: the complete artwork is made of free-stockmaterial.
The music on “No Intention of Changing the World“ however is completely self-made: from writing the songs to recording and mixing them the band took matters into their own hands. But that just makes this album even more personal than it already is.

Directed and edited by Rupert Höller

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3/7/19 POMOPERO, Breganze (ITA)
3/9/19 MISHIMA, Terni (ITA)
3/10/19 DISSONANZE, Cava de’ Tirreni (ITA)
3/14/19 PRIMACLASSE, Ragusa (ITA)
3/15/19 MONO, Catania (ITA)
3/16/19 ZOOTV, Brucoli (ITA)
3/17/19 HMORA, Siracusa (ITA)
3/18/19 BOLAZZI, Palermo (ITA)
3/20/19 OFF, Lamezia Terme (ITA)
3/21/19 HUB, Cosenza (ITA)
3/22/19 MR ROLLY’S, Vitulazio (ITA)
3/23/19 DELIRI, Sora (ITA)
3/25/19 LE MURA, Roma (ITA)
3/26/19 MARLA, Perugia (ITA)
3/27/19 EX CINEMA AURORA, Livorno (ITA)
4/16/19 FZW, Dortmund (DE)
4/18/19 SUBSTAGE, Karlsruhe (DE)
04/29/19 CHELSEA, Wien (AT)

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