Russian-Iranian hip-hop duo KIALLA was formed in 2018 in the west-side of Chicago. Male vocalist and producer of KIALLA, KIA was a part of Iran’s hip-hop scene for many years collaborating with some of the most prominent hip-hop artists. He released his solo EP ‘F(X)’ in 2016. It was shaped by merging industrial sounds with atmospheric middle eastern motives. Via was one of the first female artists in the Russian hip-hop community and participated in a variety of hip-hop battles. In 2010 she released an album with former crew members and after that ventured out to travel the world, learning about different cultures and expanding her artistic perspective.

KIALLA is a part of OUTSET collective that aims to support creators from different cultures and countries. They released three singles and an EP in 2018 followed by visuals for the “Ground Zero” and an abstract music video for the track produced by Chicago-based electronic artist, Bengfang (RESET). Their debut album was released on January 25, 2019.

‘RARE’ is the debut album of two immigrants making illegal sounds in the heart of Chicago, KIALLA. Composed of male vocalist and producer, KIA, plus one of the first female artists in the Russian hip-hop community, Via, the duo continues to stay true to their cultural identity while living in America. ‘RARE,’ which comes with 13 tracks of innovative sounds was influenced by immigration regulations and the way they affect the duo on a daily basis,since both are coming from foreign lands.

For immigrants living in America’s current political climate, the immigrant label doesn’t come with “dream big” mentality only. The moment you put it on, you agree to force all of your energy into working hard. This path builds on instability, an uncertain future andfeelings of not belonging. You always have to have multiple plans and take nothing for granted. ‘RARE’ touches on these sentiments, set to the backdrop of forward-thinking production. When you blend these elements together, the result is a formula for one solid project everyone will feel. Give ‘RARE’ a listen above and get to know the next new talent rising out of Chicago, KIALLA.

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