A Valentines Day ‘Sexclusive’ from ANDYVA! With the most romantic day of the year today, Younk released an extra special music video for the highly relatable song “Sexclusive” by ANDYVA. Andy van Amelrooy, 27, is an Amsterdam-based pop-soul-funk singer and songwriter. Inspired by his friends who use dating apps, ANDYVA wrote “Sexclusive”.

The new track by our young artist and rising star has captured everyone’s attention with its catchy rhythm and meaningful lyrics. It also offers something else that is highly valued yet often missing these days: truly open honesty. While most of the world is getting caught up in chocolate hearts and sweet love songs,ANDYVA had the courage to speak up and serve us some “romantic” reality on this track.

“Sexclusive” is about dating in today’s world run by technology and instant results. In an interview, the Younk Artist shared some of the inspirations behind his track:
“Sexclusive is really about dating in society. You just swipe and you find what you are looking for. If you use these apps you know what you are getting. Friends of mine were hoping to find like, a prince on a white horse, but eventually found that all the apps led to quick hook ups.”

You just can’t argue with that. That’s the hidden part of online dating. It’s the sad reality that many are unwilling to actually talk about. The struggle of finding something meaningful and lasting is real.

The video itself has a very sexual and bold feel to it. That’s also how the artist described it in the interview: “It’s got an older vibe but with new lighting techniques,” hesaid, while referencing Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

The lighting plays a big part in “Sexclusive,” giving it a certain alluring charm. Chancellor Warhol, the music video director told Younk:
“I wanted to make it really sexy but smooth, you know? It’s almost like a peacock when you want to show the girl in your world what you’ve got…”

The song itself contains a blend of chill dance arrangement, seductive vocals, and meaningful lyrics… something you don’t often hear in today’s music.

Kurt Gefke (producer and art director) told Younk:
“It’s a throwback, but it’s contemporary. It’s something that pretty much any generation can listen to.”

Despite the challenge of expressing all of the messages and hidden meanings in one music video, the team was able to create the perfect visual component to go with such a special song. Even though ANDYVA is a newer artist, he displayed professionalism, talent, and charisma – making the video uniquely captivating. Interestingly, the artist worked on all the outfits himself – showing his great taste and one-of-a-kind style. Like a young George Michael, he knows the exact type of aesthetic and vibe he wants to convey.

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