Emilie Badenhorst creates this raw and intimate look into at growing underground sex party, Death of Glitter through the lens of Emilie Badenhorst. Following a group of friends with a camera and a microphone as they embark on a night out, in her new film, emerging director Emilie Badenhorst casts light on a growing underground sex party movement in Cape Town.

‘Unsex Me’ is an uncensored narrative which immerses viewers in the twists and turns of the night and exploring a wide range of sexual liberation themes. Emilie sensitively captures the split-seconds between thought and conversation. Raw energy radiates through her lens as the night begins to escalate. An alternative and sometimes contradictory view is created by Farai, one of the friends who is given a handycam to document his own perspective up close.

“If your entire intention is to reveal what is real right now, for some of the youth of Cape Town, how do you do that truthfully?” – Emilie Badenhorst

Emilie, a promising young director, has already been nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction at the 2017 Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival, a huge accomplishment itself. Commercially, she has also worked for Puma and Bonobo Jeans. Showcasing her talent to work in a commercial and artistic genre of her own making, something that’s wide ranging palette serves only garner more excitement for what she might create next!

Check out more of her work here:  INSTAGRAM / VIMEO


Director & Executive Producer – Emilie Badenhorst
Director of Photography – Brandon Blight
Camera Assistant and Lighting  – Jason Prins
Second cam VHS
Jason Prins, Brandon Blight & Farai Engelbrecht
Art Direction – Emilie Badenhorst & Mary-Ann Martin in collaboration with
the performers
Production Assistant – Jade Frankel
Make-up artist – Mary-Ann Martin


Editor – Tomas Wells


Sound design and final mix – Daniel Lidchi


‘Bruise’ ‘Fake it’ – Maxime Alexander


Nelson Menell, Bianca Oosthuizen, Farai Engelbrecht, Megan Theron, Tazme Pillay & other


Lindsey Raymond, Joshua Biggs, Marianne Thesen-Law, Annie Brookstone, Shaheed Sedgwick, Kyle Strydom, Kayo-Fay Tilley, Robyn Raymond, Lenina Parker, Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose & Saif x Carbon x Shiraz