Musical artist Lo, returns with bass-booming single, ‘Mantra‘! Fresh off the success of her debut singles, Lo oozes bass-rattling confidence with anthemic new single ‘Mantra’ which is a hypnotic earworm she produced & mixed with collaborator Paige Blue, the co-founder of new production group, GIRLS.

Grabbing attention with this genre-bending bop, Lo isn’t afraid to show off an unabashedly urban side of her sugary sound, continuing to fascinate us with her limitless artistry.

This sweet & sassy Seattle native is the dazzling epitome of a ‘do it all’ artist- writing & producing all of her own songs in addition to choreographing all of her own shows. This may come as no surprise, as she cut her teeth in the industry as a dancer first, landing features in ESPN, ABC, and USA Today during her time at Vanderbillt University, where she was named ALL SEC Dancer of the Year in addition to being a first generation college graduate.

While her dance career landed plenty of accolades, Lo’s music caught the ear of the elite pop publishing company Prescription Songs in 2017, where she signed on as one of their first Nashville artist-writer/producers underneath Katie Fagan (FRENSHIP, Sarah Hudson).

With her debut single ‘Good Good’ , this Nashville-based artist made a loud statement that Nashville pop is armed and ready to go. Premiering on Apple Music’s ‘Breaking Pop’ & ‘Hot Tracks’ lists, as well as being named one of Spotify’s ‘Best of Fresh Finds: 2017’ and ‘Best of Hiptronix: 2017’, this bubblegum pop songstress made waves late last year. Her followup singles, ‘Drumline’ & ‘Naked’, debuted #1 on Hypemachine, garnered her buzzworthy attention from publications such as Idolator, Nakid Magazine, The New Nine, Celeb Mix, & many others- as well as naming her as one of Apple Music’s ‘Best Of The Week’ & ‘Breaking Pop’ artists. With a sound that toes the line between Top 40 melodies and the sonic edge of what’s bubbling under, there’s no denying the buzz that comes from her poptimistic catalog.

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