Director: Jaz Blom

’24HRS IN ITAEWON’ is a mini-documentary about the underground music scene in Korea. We take a look through the eyes of two emerging DJ’s/producers living in Itaewon, Seoul – the home of the underground music scene. One artist, a local who works closely to the SeoulUndergroundRadio Station, and the other is an expat who’s 4 years of living in the district has seen an intriguing shift throughout the city. The two artist’s perspectives on Seoul’s underground music scene highlights an exciting time for Korean artists, especially those working to create something unique and break away from Korea’s crippling capitalist mainstream.; Name of Editorial / Song / Festival / Event / etc. 24HRS IN ITAEWON; Select submission category Film/Videography; Nudity? No; Verify you have models consent and they are 18+ years old: Jā; Verify you are 18+ years old: Jā; Verify you are the owner of this content or have written consent to submit for feature to NAKID: Jā;

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Team Credits

MONIKA, YUZO, Seoul Community Radio, SOAP Seoul, Yann Cavaille, CATBUG, Peggy Gou

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