Musical artist, Sedona, is a female alt-pop artist on the rise who claims she’s stuck in the past, somewhere between a 70’s cowgirl and an 80’s femme bot. Her new track, out today, is titled ‘Picture Perfect‘!

Some say she’s Dirty Pop, others say she’s Femme Funk. All bets aside, Los Angeles born/Brooklyn based musician has just set herself center stage into the world of Pop and beyond as Sedona. With her debut singles “Call Me Up” and “Same Sky” turning heads, her soulful power bop is more than just a song, but rather, a femme anthem music lovers from today, tomorrow, and yesterday can enjoy. Sedona grew up singing in the shower to leading female pop icons like Diana Ross, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Sade – the list goes on and on. Their aesthetic broke a lot of social barriers for women, inspiring Sedona to do the same. Sedona’s project is a collaboration among friends and lovers. She plays alongside her all-female band comprised of her best friends in NYC. They’ll be playing SXSW in March. The cast is made of Merilyn Chang (keys), Claire Gilb (guitar), Lily Mars (bass), and Tia Cestaro (drums). She’s currently working on an EP set to come out Summer 2019. Stay tuned to watch the magic of Sedona unfold.

Check out more of Sedona here: INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / VIMEO

Lili Pepper (main) photo
Album art by Isaiah Teofilo
The rest of the photos – Ryley Paskal http://instagram.com/ryleypaskal

For Fans of: Empress Of, King Princess, Little Dragon


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