If God is a DJ, life is a dance floor and love is the rhythm; than Lagniappe is that air horn sound you hear mixed in between the compositions of your favorite songs. Today, the Dallas Based artist released a new track ‘Giddy Up (Blinders)’, a single with fierce bars and an attitude to match.

Pronounced “lanˈyap”, her name comes from a Cajun term with many meanings, an unexpected gift, all green lights on a way home or an end of the year bonus. Always something extra.
“My name came during one of those drunk nights where I was playing Nelly Furtado’s Folklore in bed and it triggers me to elementary school. Through life, I was always told directly and indirectly that I was inadequate. My skin was too dark to talk as “white.” My loose neck got me slapped by students, but I didn’t know enough about Trina or Madonna to kiki with the gays. Even now, I feel like I don’t fit on with the binary trans women. At the end of the day, I realized I’m just too damn much to fit in, and I wanna celebrate that in everyone.”

With artwork by BLaKe wriGHt , ‘Giddy Up (Blinders)’ was created and produced Lagniappe herself with a concept and energy stemmed from some late nights, solo sensual adventures and stress. “I’m a cam girl and I love my job, but my heart goes to performing and creating. So, after my cam sessions, which always end with an orgasm, I tried to keep that energy and push myself to create. I’m not well versed but this one beat really spoke to me.”

The song is loaded with allusions to the different social groups and things adulthood accomplishments. But the main theme of the project — similar to Lagniappe’s — is turning your rock bottoms to trampolines, changing your perception and focusing on what fulfills you.

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