Stefan Rossi’s passion for music is matched only by his dedication to his community. The rapper and songwriter brings heart and style to Adelaide’s diversifying scene, teaming up with Elsy Wameyo in order to give his latest single Long Road the depth of character it demands.

Remaining honest to who he is, his lyrics are heartfelt and tell the story of his life as the grandson of Italian/German immigrants. Tracing their generational struggle through to his own battles, carving out identity and philosophical fortitude.

‘It’s based on those anxious feelings of who I am and how I’m finding myself as I go through emotions of grief, love, my mental health and not rushing through life’s moments to get to your end result.’ – Stefan Rossi

At just six years old when Stefan decided he wanted to learn the guitar, gravitating towards bands like Metallica and Kiss and consequently did the only thing a kid who loved music could do and started a band until he discovered his real passion in hip-hop. Drawing inspiration from DMXEminemand Jay-ZStefan Rossi wanted to rap.Chasing his dreams, Stefan has gone from strength to strength, supporting acts like Fat JoeOmarion and Tyga at some of South Australia’s best venues, The Gov and Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Stefan plays hard, but works harder having put out three mixtapes on Bandcamp and two digital EP’s on Spotify.

Working with producer Tantu, Long Road has the silver-toned sounds to lift you up, Elsy Wameyo’s compassionate take on the hook the perfect accompaniment to Stefan’s clear view and personal resolve. The underlying significance is its dedication to his mother-in-law who lost her battle with breast cancer, inspiring Stefan to take his position as a role model seriously, symbolically acknowledging her with his pink shirt. Long Road is the culmination of Stefan Rossi’s creative aspirations and his communal sensibilities.

Stefan Rossi is performing at Somnium – April 18th, Chateau Apollo in Adelaide City.

Check out more of Stefan Rossi’s music here:  FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER

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