A cultural documentary series from Diplo, Shane McCauley and Kevin Kusatsu that profiles foreigner, equiknoxx, principe records, the green door, naafi and bala club, plus exclusive mixes in partnership with nts radio!

Diplo has launched the third season of his ongoing cultural documentary project “Blow Your Head” in partnership with longtime collaborator and director Shane McCauley—Diplo’s photographer of record for more than a decadeand manager Kevin Kusatsu. The six-part season again turns McCauley’s lens to emergent musical genres, scenes, and creators around the world, and features L.A. artist Adam Cooper, a.k.a. FOREIGNER, and his parties celebrating the African diaspora; tall tales from cult Jamaican production duo Equiknoxx; the dance music innovators behind Lisbon label Principe Records; experimental Glaswegian studio The Green Door; Mexico City leftfield dance titans NAAFI; and London rulebreakers Bala Club. “Blow Your Head” has also partnered with NTS Radio to create hour-long radio shows with each individual featured. Watch the first three episodes exclusively via YouTube here and listen to the mixes here, with more to come weekly.

 “‘Blow Your Head’ is about our global music community and how it is forever in a state of creativity and flux, making new sounds from old ones,” says McCauley. “As Dr. John Henrik Clarke stated ‘all history is a current event,’ this is true for our personal actions and this is true for music. All music now is influenced by what came before and all music in the future will be shaped by what is made and being made right now in the present day.

“This year we feature six new places with our friends at NTS. Artists making music in different ways and how their culture and the people around them are a reflection of what they make and how they make it.”

“Blow Your Head” has been a music single, magazine and series of web shorts. Its tenets have always been rooted in the exploration, discovery and proliferation of distinct movements—dance, fashion, art and beyond—born out of localized music scenes. The title comes from an old Fred Wesley & The JB’s song which is a nod to the funk counter culture movement and the expression of people doing something different and outside the mainstream. What started as a documentary collaboration with DJ and producer Diplo has spawned into a project and a vision all its own that encompasses multiple forms of media.

NTS Radio is the world’s leading underground radio station and music platform. Eight years after it first started broadcasting in East London, NTS now has permanent studios in Manchester, Los Angeles and Shanghai, as well as dozens of pop-up studios in every continent. More than just radio, NTS video-streams live performances by Aphex Twi, BadBadNotGood and Ryuichi Sakamoto, whilst throwing dozens of events each year and producing official music videos for artists such as Ariel Pink. The platform combines the free-flowing, D.I.Y atmosphere of pirate radio with the ambition and scope of a major broadcaster. Tune in for music radio covering every genre under the sun from contemporary jazz through to black metal and Detroit techno.



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