TEAGAN (Teagan Goh) is the 21-year-old singer/composer behind the bold new lofi RnB track Feeling Good. Produced with Spike Leo, the song navigates the post-break-up period – going to out to convince yourself that you’re doing well before realising you might not really be.

Her third stand-alone single, Feeling Good, is a shadowy and impassioned song, perfectly evoking the re-emergence of oneself from the clouds of emotional turmoil. As the breezy atmosphere of hope rides an undercurrent of touchingly earnest melancholy, the song’s pop approachability is a testament to the talent TEAGAN has as a songwriter and her powerful flair for emotional impact.

Feeling Good is an analogy for pretending to be over something that clearly still bothers us. It’s a catchy dance beat crafted to conceal how we truly feel.’ – TEAGAN

Her debut single, It’s Okay, was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, with judges including The Script, Bastille and Ne-Yo. Influenced by contemporary indie and pop, the track debuted at number 5 on the Triple J Unearthed charts. Her previous work also includes Safe, produced by jah LOON and described as ‘intricate, bold songwriting… with bucket-loads of pop sensibility’ (Trouble Juice). It has also been featured on playlists including New Music Commute (Universal Music, Digster).

TEAGAN has been establishing her craft since mid-2017, when she began producing music in her bedroom in between working in a medical laboratory and studying biomedicine. Crossing her fingers, she sent her work to Australian rapper, Joelistics. Those songs resulted in him putting her in touch with fellow producer, Beatrice Lewis (Haiku Hands).

The intimacy of TEAGAN’s music translates perfectly into her dynamic live shows, honing her talents around Melbourne and beyond. Having just come off playing festivals including State of Culture and a promotional show with TAPES at The Toff, reports are promising with the arrival of Feeling Good.

‘Feeling Good’ by TEAGAN is out April 19th.

Check out more of Teagan here:  FACEBOOK / SOUNDCLOUD / INSTAGRAM

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