JESSIQUOI was raised in Australia, came to fame in Switzerland, and she’s traveled all over the world. She’s been inspired in equal measure by British rappers and Japanese anime. But it’s not about the stamps on her passport; it’s about the size of her imagination. She’s the sort of producer who can drop a digital synthesizer next to a classic Chinese GuZheng harp in a manner that amplifies the qualities of both instruments. In short, JESSIQUOI possesses a rare kind of musical intelligence, and her current base has begun to take notice: she’s been invited to play at some of the biggest festivals in Switzerland, including Zurich Openair, Gurten, and the Dachstock.

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch JESSIQUOI in concert, you’re surely familiar with the artist’s handmade wooden wagon. It contains all of her most valuable accessories – her best electronic equipment and souvenirs from her trips to Asia – and it goes wherever she does, including onstage. The wagon makes an appearance in the dazzling, heady, sci-fi-influenced video for “The Addict”: it’s the forge in which the artist designs her radical sound, and the focal point of a laboratory. Jessiquoi sets the clip in a futuristic pan-Asian society where scavengers salvage and re-purpose old technology from decaying European states. She’s one of the raiders, of course, and she’s busy designing a better, fuller, more cosmopolitan world.



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