Today we have a world premiere of our friends Hotel Garuda‘s first time single as a solo artist (without partner Manila Killa) and it follows his headlining the recent One Reason tour, which was a huge success for the LA native. With a sound that has matured into it’s own the past few years, Hotel Garuda has made a name for himself with electronic music and has over 100,000 fans on Soundcloud alone now. Pushing the envelope and taking chances, his music is catchy, deep and without fail he is one of the best new music artists out there right now. Catch him joining Jai Wolf on tour from April – June 2019. The new single has an indie-vibe that is a clear transition from the influences that his former bandmate Manila Killa brought to the table. When asked about it, he had this to say:

“This is my most personal song to date. I’ve made a name for myself making dance music and I want to show a side of me that hasn’t been shown before. Writing, producing and singing on this track was a challenge that I took on nervously, as I wasn’t sure if people would take me seriously as an artist until I made something that was entirely mine. Head In The Trees is a love song that marks an important change in my life that happened about two years ago, and only now do I feel comfortable with baring this part of me to everyone else.” ~ Hotel Garuda

Catch the second part of our feature with Hotel Garuda on Monday 4/29 when we go in depth in an exclusive interview with him since going solo, along with a special exclusive photo shoot!

Check out more of Hotel Garuda’s music here:  INSTAGRAM / SOUNDCLOUD / FACEBOOK

Images by Jordan Douglas