California raised, Sage DeVault aka DEVAULT took what started as a creative hobby in the calm scenes of Orange County and transformed it into a personal quest to form something bigger than a unique venture — A modern grunge landscape that takes integral instrumentation with an out of the box like sound design and casts visuals that would be reminiscent of an earlier time where rawness and vulnerability was glorified.

His latest installation ‘JADE’ is a 4-track EP, that serves as an ode to dark 80’s new wave electronica. The intent with this EP is to feature a rawness and authenticity in electronic music amongst a sea of polished, manufactured perfection, laying the groundwork for what DEVAULT refers to as “a place where the music and visual experience goes hand in hand.” As off today, JADE is available in all your favorite streaming platforms and is accompanied by an equally menacing 13-minute visual installment directed by the eclectic director Mowgly. The film is an obscure simulation filled with vandalism, kidnappings and mental torture with a dark 90’s matrix VHS vibe.

“JADE is best experienced via the visual component to the project. The film is meant to be an open-ended visually engaging experience where viewers can follow the characters seamlessly transitioning from scene to scene.” he mentioned to Nakid.

Make sure to keep up with DEVAULT via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and catch him live this weekend at the dates below.

DEVAULT Upcoming Shows:
4/26/2019 – La Santa, Orange County CA
4/27/2019 – Ubbi Dubbi Festival, Dallas TX