Photographer, Egr Ega in collaboration with local designer o5o. о5о [ogo] is translated from yakut as baby, child. The concept of the brand reflects feelings of nostalgia about things that never happened. Wandering in labyrinths of consciousness where you discover pieces of memories, emotions and feelings, hopes and regrets. This collection displays social exclusion, people’s indifference to each other. Self suffering, distorted perception of environment are projected on models of the collection and reveal their vulnerability to the world. Silhouettes, textures, colours are asexual, depersonalized, proportions are distorted. The collection is inspired by XIX century’s circus and contemporary art, ailment and impersonalism. Harmony of excessiveness and ascetism. Art of dissolution. Compulsive ideas. Aestheticism and disgust. These feelings are represented by such details as ceramic human teeth, embroidered mouth masks and shoe covers, motion limitations shown in corsets, collars and uroboros-sleeved blouse.

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Team Credits:

« so5otoh » – from Yakut language – alone, lonely

Designer: o5o || Photographer: ega egr || Model: Masha ||  MakeUp, hair: Ksenia  || Place: home =workroom: Kirill Basalaev