Electro-pop duo The Bliss present their latest single “Happier,” a 80s-tinged effort oscillating between effervescent beats and tropical pop undercurrents. For pop songstress TYSM (Chelsea Davenport) and hip-hop/electronic producer and guitarist Felix Snow (SZA, Kiiara, Gallant, Icona Pop, Rita Ora, Terror Jr.), their third single collectively is a bop with Prince stylish wailing electric guitar. Their creation fully embraces modern pop in bracing and tantalizing ways.

“Happier” is a sonic juncture of slapping bass, bouncy synths, and dance-inducing beats. It’s the idyllic jam to kick off the summer strong, taking on the role as the soundtrack for a perfect indelible season. From heart-thump of the drum programming to new age synth-pop, The Bliss is finding ways to hook you in more so with each subsequent release.

Producer and guitarist Felix Snow says this about their new track, “‘Happier’ started with listening to a LOT of Prince and 80s stuff in general. I knew I wanted a crying weeping guitar sound in the song somewhere – we hear that in the outro now. We had been experimenting in the vein of the 80’s genre, which you hear in ‘Nothing Scares Me Anymore’ as well. ”

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Photo Credit: Zachary Gray

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